Oct 10, 2017



Hoping that the inquiry will be a chance for the voice of local people to be heard and the needs of residents to be put before vested interests. We do not want our wonderful mixed and vibrant neighbourhood to become a pedestrianised 'campus' for the university or a racetrack for cyclists on their way to somewhere else!

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    Oct 7, 2017

    Ever hopeful now the scheme is being reviewed independently that good sense and sound ethics will prevail and a choice is made that is right for the community. Martin Elliot the inspector has a good reputation - Google (itself a nearby resident) him to see. Around Tavistock Place there are so many interested parties. Politicians of course - with careers to build and passions to follow, The University - which looks more and more like a business. Hospitals - their admin structure seems to dumb anyone of influence having a say. Businesses - back to the University of course but, there are lots of smaller businesses too and they're part of the community .Bloomsbury too hosts guests in all shapes and sizes. Hotels, Conferences and Academia draw thousands to our neighbourhood week after week.. Hospitals draw patients and Strava. publishes a leader-board of the fastest cyclists down Tavistock Place. So we're a bit of a racetrack too! It can't be lost that this scheme is the valve on the pressure cooker of the West End Traffic scheme. This scheme likely drastically impacts on Tavistock Torrington place when Tottenham Court Road is closed to general traffic the alternative is the planned two way traffic load on Gower Street.. Way out? Yes it's Tavistock Place All of this impacts on Residents. The people who live here -permanently. When students go home, businesses say goodnight, and Councillors retire to leafy suburbs then its for residents to enjoy or suffer their lifetime 365 day existence in a zone of multiple interests. Its not wrong for us to want safe, accessible but tolerable transportation for everyone. We want a vibrant and caring community. In short we hope the the Inquiry sees this is a place where people live and where we are considered as respectfully as other persons reasonably expect from wherever they live too. If you agree or have other thoughts we'd love to hear them Trevor Shonfeld Deputy Chairman Brag