I can "taste" the fumes

I mostly work from home. My office is within a flat in a listed property which is not able to benefit from double glazing. In hot days one needs to open the window to get some air. Even with the window closed I can "taste" the fumes emanating from vehicles idling in the gridlocked traffic on Judd Street. With the window open, the noise from the lorries, taxis and cars slowly creeping towards the Euston Road, makes it impossible to concentrate. It is having a seriously detrimental effect on my ability to work. As a freelance employee, with deadlines to meet, this is extremely distressing. It never used to be like this. There is sometimes a blissful lull, when the traffic flows more normally. Then the squeaks and squeals of brakes and grumble of diesel engines starts again. The imposition of a one-way system, without consultation, and without any concern for its impact on local residents, is simply unfair. I am a cyclist but there has to be a balance between the ease of getting around by bike and the ability to enjoy "quiet enjoyment" in one's home.

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