Let's go back to sharing the roads

I am a local resident and a cyclist. The disruption and traffic caused by the Torrington/Tavistock trial scheme has been horrendous. I think it is important to point out that not all cyclists support these new segregated cycle lanes. For years I have been cycling around central London, using back streets and sharing the space with cars and taxis. It was nice to have a marked area on the left side of the carriageway in the busier streets, and that was the situation for many years. Then Camden decided to introduce these segregated lanes (i.e. with physical barriers) , despite the fact that research from around the world has shown them to be more dangerous for cyclists and pedestrians. Segregated lanes give cyclists a false sense of security and lead to speeding and lack of care at junctions and lights. Causing massive disruption and congestion in order to build more of them is just ridiculous. Let's go back to sharing the roads like we used to!

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