I Spent Many Years Cycling in London

The new one way system is a disaster for local residents. Traffic is backed up on all the streets around Tavistock Place. This is affecting Judd St, Leigh Street, Parchment St and Russell Square to mention just a few and all the way over to Endsleigh Gardens. The rise in air pollution is noticeable and a threat to all the residents within this area. However that is only the tip of the iceberg, we are now subject to more noise pollution , severe delays when travelling in and out of our neighbourhood, unpleasant amounts of traffic when walking and a lovely area that is being ruined by constant traffic jams. I have lived and worked here for 20 years and I think I may have to move now because of this. I am having cancer treatment and getting to and from hospital and my local GP is a nightmare am now being forced to call a taxi much earlier to get to the hospital on time. UCH Macmillan Centre used to be accessible to me in 10-15 minutes, now I am lucky if the driver can even get on to the Euston road from Burton street in 15 minutes. It is beyond me how this plan could have been proposed without thinking about the impact on local residents. The distress, disturbance and increase in pollution is totally unacceptable. I suggest who ever proposed this can come and live here for a month or two and subject themselves to the consequences of their actions. I spent many years cycling in London, but never wanted more traffic shoved on to less roads creating more pollution. the short sightedness of this plan beggars belief.

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