Incredibly Short-sighted...

I just don't think Camden have thought this one through. We're a local business in the heart of WC1, we work in property and need to scoot in and out of the area, often in a rush (as is the fast paced nature of our business). All for cyclists and green policies btw and our office cars are Hybrids. The one way routing of Tavistock Place has definately had an effect. The top end of Grays inn road was always busy now its a nightmare, if the plan is also to eventually not allow traffic to access Judd Street from Euston Road, that will just cause further carnage. We spend half our life in local traffic jams which have noticeably increased since this planning change. Incredibly short-sighted by Camden planning who clearly haven't considered the sheer volume of white van delivery drivers and construction vehicles present in this area - there are ALOT of commercial business taking daily deliveries and with the heavy ongoing construction in the Kings Cross Regen zone not to mention several large, UCLH rebuild sites on Guilford Street and next to Warren Street to name just a few...this really isn't a popular move. This requires a serious planning rethink Camden.

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