Safe, Efficient Cycling in Bloomsbury

I am strongly in favour of a clean environment and safe, efficient cycling in Bloomsbury. My worry at the moment is that proposed road changes in the Judd Street, Tavistock area are being made without adequate attention being paid to the impact around these changes - importantly, I think that although the changes are claimed to be promoting the interests of cyclists and pedestrians they are in fact creating significant dangers and inconvenience to cyclists and pedestrians who don't happen to be commuters during the morning and evening cycle rush hour or who don't use the prescribed routes. I am also worried about the speed of cycling being encouraged by the 'superhighway' approach and the potential dangers to cyclists and pedestrians from this. Finally, I am concerned about the approach being adopted to 'consultation'. It is inevitable that the numbers of people who 'benefit' from these proposed changes will be greater than those who are harmed because of the scale of commuting. Numbers should not be the determining factor. The key question is to identify the nature of the potential harms e.g. those around the RNIB and to ask whether those harms can be justified - even if great numbers of people would benefit. Similarly, the experiences of those who live on these streets and spend many hours there each day should be weighted more than the views of those who spend 30 seconds each day passing through.

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