Increased Access Times for Ambulances

The experimental scheme to make Tavistock Place a one-way system has drastically affected access to local UCLH hospitals, including all those on Queen Square (the traffic on Guildford Street is now appalling) and UCH, which now has its main access from the ever-crowded Euston Road. This has drastically increased access times for ambulances and those patients with disabilities, and there was no consultation with UCLH whatsoever. The new proposals to make the one-way system around Kings Cross two-way with a dedicated bicycle lane will further back up traffic and make crossing roads such as Grays Inn Road and Swinton Street to access the RNTE Hospital and the audiology centre dangerous. As vice-Chair of UCLH's Cancer Public Policy Advisory Group, I have made strongly worded representations to Camden, supported by the UCLH executives, but we have had no substantive response.

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