Hold ups for Emergency Vehicles

I am a resident and a local business owner, on a daily basis I am able to see the adverse effect that the Tavistock place (so called) Trial scheme is causing. Only yesterday 15th September 2016 this became very apparent for myself and several other business owners. An incident occurred with directly involved myself . The police had to be called to an incident on Tavistock Place, I had to call the emergency services three times due to it taking them over ten minutes to respond, which due to the nature of the emergency potentially put myself and other members of the public at risk. When I asked the police how far away they were when they received the call they responded with "only five minutes away but due to the new traffic layout we couldn't get here any quicker" I truly feel this trial system is extremely detrimental to the safety of the residents and general public who use the area. On many other occasions I as a first aider have also had to help pedestrians who have been knocked down out side my business by cyclists who have been going too fast to be able to stop in an emergency situation and then proceed to cycle off without any recourse, I am also very concerned about the fact that cyclists believe it is ok to charge around as it they are on a race track. As an ex ADI ( Approved Driving Instructor) of eight years. I honestly feel this cycle system is extremely dangerous, it's also creating more pollution due to the amount of stationary vehicles on the surrounding roads, as I'm sure you are aware stationary vehicles produce more pollution than free flowing traffic does, and as I mentioned earlier causing evidential hold ups for emergency vehicles trying to attend incidences. I am not just being biased towards cyclist as I am a cyclist myself, however this scheme has taken Tavistock Place from being a pro car environment to being pro cycle when in fact surely for the good of everyone who uses the area it should be made into an environment to benefit the many not just the few who shout the loudest and who have the most contacts in the


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