Older people are being driven off bikes

Cycle routes: Torrington place/Tavistock Place. As a London cyclist and a driver. As a cyclist Please stop building these ridiculous cycle lanes across inner London. Older people like myself are being driven off bikes by these young riders due to these absurd cycle lanes. I have cycled London for the last 40 years, happily and felt safe. Using smaller roads. There are now less smaller roads. They are all now scary cycle highways! As a cyclist they are not helpful. I find them more dangerous than cycling amongst cars. They give cyclists a dangerous false sense of secruity. They have bred 2 new types of dangerous cyclists. 1.The new speed cyclists (lycra exercise brigade)These cyclists that zoom along, are so dangerous to normal cyclists. 2.The oblivious to traffic cyclist (Santander riders and first timers, feeling safe when they are not) The routes are not always where we/I want to go. When cars and cyclist did drive along side each other. The cars were more respectful of a bike. The cars would determine the cycle speed of a cyclist. The Cycle routes are dangerous because you can not hear another bike coming along side you. (You can hear a car.) As a driver These absurd cycle lanes have blocked off London and driven all traffic onto the Marylebone road. WHY? ITS A NIGHTMARE! JAMMED and Air polluted. A STAND STILL. What about the Ambulances trying to get to the UCH? Even if you have paid the congestion charge you cannot drive across London. There is only one cross road from West to East. How do you get back? London is more snarled up than ever. London was a beautiful city. A working city. Now it is just for tourists. Businesses are being driven out. NB. Since the Cycle lanes have been built. Cars are now more aggressive and angry towards cyclists. All Road using Londoners are now JUST ANGRY! (as drivers and cyclists are all frustrated) Please think what you are doing to this great city of London?

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