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August 29, 2016

Camden have managed to create traffic chaos with the Tavistock traffic scheme. It seems to be channeling all of the traffic into a small area and making it impossible to get anywhere with ease.

I live on Hunter Street with my 2 children (both who now travel to school on their own) Since this traffic change on tavistock street it has made both my childrens journeys to school 15 minutes longer and congestion outside the house on Hunter Street is affecting my so...

August 21, 2016

The many one way systems in the Bloomsbury area are imposed by the people who do not live in the area, do not have a car or just hate cars all together, dear London Borough of Camden: it's not fair at all. Your decision to make those changes without consulting with the...

Concerning the fear of problems that the proposed schemes might impose on local residents driving into and out of the area, one organisation has outlined solutions on its website, http://camdencyclists.org.uk/2016/08/motor-traffic-congestion-in-judd-street/ . As a resi...

I just don't think Camden have thought this one through. We're a local business in the heart of WC1, we work in property and need to scoot in and out of the area, often in a rush (as is the fast paced nature of our business). All for cyclists and green policies btw and...

August 13, 2016

I am strongly in favour of a clean environment and safe, efficient cycling in Bloomsbury. My worry at the moment is that proposed road changes in the Judd Street, Tavistock area are being made without adequate attention being paid to the impact around these changes - i...

I support your opposition to the badly thought out Tavistock Place scheme.

Full agreement about Tavistock Place. Ridiculous traffic management.

The new one way system is a disaster for local residents. Traffic is backed up on all the streets around Tavistock Place. This is affecting Judd St, Leigh Street, Parchment St and Russell Square to mention just a few and all the way over to Endsleigh Gardens. The rise...

It is obvious to everybody who lives and works in the area that this scheme is not working and has other serious knock on consequences. I doubt that the people who decided to implement this scheme left the office and took out a map and said what shall we do today - "le...

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    September 4, 2016

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