About us

Our founding principles are simple

Residents are the heart of the community

It is time we had a voice

Bloomsbury Residents’ Action Group (BRAG

Bloomsbury Residents’ Action Group (BRAG) comprises a group of local residents, from Judd Street and the surrounding area, who recognised in 2016 that there could be detrimental consequences from the traffic flow changes imposed by Camden Council and TfL,

The inaugural meeting of the Bloomsbury Residents’ Action Group was held on 26th May 2016.


For the past four years we have been campaigning to ensure that planning developments and changes to the local road network do not impact negatively on residents' quality of life. We are adamant that Camden should consult and engage with local residents in an effective, non-biased and transparent way.  We are concerned about the local environment, the public realm, crime and safety and the health and wellbeing of all residents - who cycle, walk, and (from age or physical challenges) have to make use of a motor vehicle.


We welcome local residents who care about the local environment and about the safety and health of residents, cyclists and pedestrians, to join us.   We also welcome local businesses and institutions, whose work lives can also be disrupted by unwanted change, to contribute to our campaign to make Bloomsbury a place which is accessible, safe and healthy to live and work – and where ordinary people can lead ordinary lives.​

Residents are the heart of the community


In making local changes, Camden Council is listening to large corporates and lobby groups, but not to residents.(1)

We, the residents, care more than anyone about the local area and the local community; we suffer the detrimental consequences of bad Council decisions; we have experience and knowledge and can offer solutions to local problems.

We are all pedestrians and we include cyclists, people with family responsibilities and people with impaired mobility; we want a safe and workable environment for all.


It is time we had a voice

Committee Members (2021)


John de Luz Camacho: Judd Street

Nichola Coates: Judd Street 

Fiona Dealey: Wicklow Street

Chris Donovan: Upper Marchmont Street

Mark Foley: Judd Street

Marianne Jacobs-Lim: Calthorpe Street

David Marchant: Russell Square

Bob McIntyre (co-Chair): Judd Street

Liz Paul: Sandwich Street

Debbie Radcliffe (co-Chair): Judd Street 

Diana Scarrott: Tavistock Place

Trevor Shonfeld: Judd Street

Owen Ward: Judd Street