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BRAG newsletter November 2022 [extracts]


There is always so much going on that affects residents in the three wards of South Camden, it’s difficult to keep track of it all - but having been contacted by a number of different local groups and organisations, here is a selection of news and information, some of which needs immediate attention. 


Redevelopment of Great Ormond Street Hospital  (Amended February 2023)

GOSH redevelopment - flyer copy.jpg


There have been 150 objections to the CCC plans, but even so the Planning Officers recommend the Committee to accept it..  The community needs to tell the Planning Committee that the scheme must not go ahead in its present form. We know that GOSH does brilliant clinical work for children, but their expansion should not be at such a high cost to the local community. 

So here’s what we can do: 

Sign the petition  and get 10 more family, friends, and neighbours to sign it. There is information here about the proposal.

Come to the Open Meeting  at 7pm on Monday 6 Feb. in the Band Room at Coram’s Fields

Come to the Planning Committee meeting on Weds. Feb 8 at 7.00 pm in the Council Chamber at the Crowndale Centre, 218 Eversholt Street (10 minutes walk north from Euston station)

Save Museum Street Campaign

It is exhausting - and difficult - to keep reminding developers about the impact of their proposals on residents and heritage, particularly as so much of south Camden lies with the Bloomsbury Conservation Area. 


The Save Museum Street campaigners are working hard to convince Camden that the current plans for the Travelodge tower replacement must be re-thought. Labtech has sold the site to a Canadian investment company but the plans have not been significantly revised. The proposed office block is simply far too big and out of scale in the context of its historic neighbourhood.

Screenshot 2022-11-03 at 10.55.25.png

Please write to Camden to object and make your feelings known - before it is too late. 

WHEN YOU EMAIL: Include the Reference: 2021/2954/P One Museum Street


cc in

and cc in

Remember to register as an Objection

105 Judd Street (former RNIB building)

Existing building                                                                Change of roofscape (3 extra floors with plant)

The proposal by the new owners to refurbish and add three extra floors to this lovely Edwardian building was approved by the Planning Committee on 15 September. Officers acknowledged that residents currently overlooking the building will lose light, but this is apparently “acceptable” in a Central London location. It was obvious that the proximity of buildings with greater scale & mass in the direction of Euston Road was considered to be more relevant (in terms of context) than the two and three storey Georgian terraces immediately adjacent to number 105.


Historic England, while not objecting, did point out that "substantially increasing the size of historic buildings set within the Bloomsbury Conservation Area in order to accommodate demand for development could bring a lot of incremental change to its character and appearance such that it would risk cumulative harm to its significance."


Cllr Danny Beales (a member of the Planning Committee) was concerned that Camden’s mixed-use policy had not been properly addressed, as no residential / affordable element was included in the redevelopment. “How do we balance this with the desperate need for affordable housing south of the Euston Road,” he said, remarking that “taking the payment” in lieu wouldn’t provide enough affordable housing locally. He also asked: “where’s the policy” that supports prioritising the needs for the Knowledge Quarter uses over the need for residential / affordable housing. I'm not sure this was actually answered by the Camden Officers whose report expressed approval for the scheme. Cllr Beales felt the absence of a residential element was “regrettable” as it was setting a precedent for Knowledge Quarter Uses, without broader benefits. He objected to the application.


We do however note that the developer’s financial contribution to Camden totalled £1,775,150.91. The Planning Committee obviously found it difficult to turn this sort of money down, simply because of objections made by Cllr Beales, BRAG, local residents and the three Kings Cross Ward Councillors.


A recent application for UCL to make use of the two upper floors until July 2023 implies that construction work will not begin immediately.

Cartwright Gardens Community Liaison Group - needs more members

This group was started in 2014 as a result of the redevelopment of the Garden Halls in Cartwright Gardens, which provide collegiate student accommodation. Initially the CLG consulted on the various management plans associated with the construction of the development. During construction, the CLG provided feedback on any issues of concern directly to the UoL and the contractor regarding the work being done and the impact on the surrounding area.

Screenshot 2022-11-06 at 13.16.42.png

The Garden Halls have been operational for several years, but the CLG is still able to comment on their management and address any issues of common concern to local stakeholders. It's a useful way to stay informed and to continue the relationship with the University and UPP (who manage the Halls and the Gardens).


At the last meeting we discussed the possibility of starting a Friends Group to make sure the Gardens are well looked after. The CLG also needs more members from the surrounding community. If you are interested in joining the CLG, and /or forming a Friends Group for the Gardens, please get in touch with me at

Can you foster a Guide dog?

We have been contacted by the Guide Dogs for the Blind, (recently moved to BMA offices but formerly occupying space in the former RNIB building) who are searching for local people to foster dogs who are coming here to start their training. 

Screenshot 2022-11-06 at 13.25.27.png

“If you are a dog lover based in central London but your lifestyle means you cannot look after a dog full-time, Guide dogs could have the perfect role for you! As a volunteer fosterer you would provide a temporary yet loving home for a dog in training whilst they embark on their journey to becoming a guide dog, experiencing the rewarding feeling of seeing the progress your furry companion is making in their training. You’ll need to drop them off at our King’s Cross office Monday-Friday mornings between 7.30 and 10 am and pick them up between 4.30-7pm. You would then look after them at home during evenings and weekends for between 12-16 weeks. All food, equipment and vet bills is paid for by Guide Dogs and full training and support is provided.”


Take a look at the YouTube video about the role:  


If you think you could become a volunteer fosterer for Guide Dogs, you can find out more and apply on their website: 

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