The Postmark development's roofscape: visible to all


The vast Mount Pleasant development is rising from the former Royal Mail site - alien blocks of high rise flats that  dominate the skyline and obliterate views from the Bloomsbury Conservation Area and elsewhere.  

The following letter was published in the March 25 edition of the Camden New Journal


Our neighbourhood in WC1 - old King’s Cross / Bloomsbury / Clerkenwell, in the thick of a conservation area - used to have views (from so many nooks and crannies and from many homes too) of the dome of St Paul’s, the spire of the Old Bailey.


Kids walking to school could even see the Shard in the distance.  Now all these views have been sold off to a few penthouse dwellers of the Mount Pleasant development.


But to make matters even more insulting, is the roof that is visible all round, from Packenham Street, Cubitt Street, Rosebery Avenue, Calthorpe Street, Phenix Place, even parts of Gray’s Inn Road.


It is a most disturbing plant of huge nuclear-type chimneys, that was planned to be screened, but the Council thought it looked too much like an extra storey (which it is really) and ruled against.


They have made a mistake. Now what the community has to look at is absolutely, disturbingly awful.  See above in all its ugliness. Please write to your Councillors. We need help.


Marianne Jacobs-Lim, WC1