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Tavistock Place - Consultation on direction of vehicles (West or East) 

THIS HAS NOW CLOSED - The final decision is expected to be made by Camden Cabinet in April 2019


Some of you will have received a consultation pack about the Tavistock-Torrington corridor. You can reply by post or on-line before 6 JANUARY 2019 (the deadline has been extended). PLEASE DO SO, as it is important to let the Council know what you think.


If you didn't receive the paper documents, you can access the survey by clicking HERE

The main consultation issue is simple. Motor traffic on Tavistock Place currently goes EAST. The independent Inspector at last year’s Public Inquiry - who heard 4 weeks of evidence and legal arguments - said it should go WEST.


BRAG’s view is that the Inspector got it right and no evidence has emerged since the Inquiry to invalidate his conclusion. So we are advising residents to VOTE FOR WEST on Question 3.


A westbound corridor would aid traffic flow, improve air quality, provide easier access for residents to the hospital (UCH) and help hospital staff and patients who travel daily between different medical sites within the neighbourhood.


Judd Street will be permanently closed to through traffic in January 2019. This will result in much longer journeys for motor vehicles and increased pollution. It will impact on all residents who have limited personal mobility and businesses who need a vehicle for work. Anyone who lives and works in nearby local streets will have no easy westbound route out of the area unless Tavistock Place goes WEST.

Wide cycle lanes continue in both directions

Note that this is not a consultation about whether there should be cycle tracks. The eastbound and westbound cycle tracks will remain and there will continue to be just one lane of traffic. 


Road safety is not the issue

This is also not a consultation about road safety. If the cycle tracks have reduced accidents on the corridor, they could be expected to reduce accidents with a westbound route too.


It's the same for pedestrians either way

The consultation includes questions on widening pavements (Q4) - which would still take place if westbound is the preferred route; and the proposed means of traffic / cycling segregation (Q5). We believe the rubber orcas on the south side of the corridor are dangerous for pedestrians and some cyclists suggest a white line would work just as well, as in most streets within central London.


The question sheet comes without an envelope. You can use an ordinary envelope for free and send to Torrington Place / Tavistock Place Consultation, London Borough of Camden, Supporting Communities Directorate, Transport Strategy Service, FREEPOST RLZH-UEYC-ACZZ, London, WC1H 8EQ.


but it might be easier just to answer online. The questionnaire is at:

The consultation HAS BEEN EXTENDED and now ends on SUNDAY, 6 JANUARY 2019.


So please respond and pass on the information to friends, family, neighbours and colleagues. The number of responses will be counted.


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